Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Etsy Shop

Southern Flair Etsy shop features hand-drawn Southern inspired artwork, silk-screened on to American Apparel tanks and ts.
Tanks are now only $16 - get one quick, supply is limited!

$2 from every sale of the Fleur de Lis tank will go towards helping rebuild the city and surrounding parishes of New Orleans.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

InspiREd by RE

I stumbled across a REally cool online store RE, unfortunately the stoREfront is located in Europe. :( Why do I feel like everything that is REally unique is not in the US?? It must be a sign to travel! My favorite thing on the site is their FiRE Side Gift Box that includes a toasting fork, a galvanized metal tin filled with long matches and marshmallows all packaged in a simple brown box and ribbon medallion! Such a perfect gift for just about anyone (especially for Father's Day, Christmas or even a really unique hostess gift) and if you're anything like me - you plan gifts WAY in advance! I also really like their Giant French Cups, in the most perfect colors and their FiREside Kindling Box, that invokes the gentle crackle of a wood burning fire. I always do this: I miss winter when it's summer and ummer when it's winter!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Fabulous Finds

Whenever I'm feeling a little tired of my wardrobe - a new accessory to play with can work wonders! Accessories are amazing like that - 2 or 3 new items and it's like a completely different closet, PLUS spending money on accessories is usually less expensive than buying a whole new outfit! Check out these great finds from JCrew and Gap:
This Nubby Canvas Tote from Gap is a great size for those days when you're whole life needs to be portable. I am newly obsessed with throwing on a scarf to jazz up my outfit, and this Wide Scarf in Ivory from Gap's European Collection is so versatile - you could wrap it loosely around your neck for a casual day look or use it as a wrap for evening. I would love to add an unexpected twist to any look with JCrew's Zebra Straw Bag or give all of my neutral safari pieces a jolt of color with their Refined Wrap in Wild Berry. With the right accessories staying stylish and looking fabulous is easy!

Raincoat Beaux

I may not have mentioned that I am the proud owner of a chocolate lab named Beaux (after Geaux Tigers). Who is the sweetest, most loving dog and the reason I am totally in love with chocolate labs. Now, I am usually not a fan of animals in clothes... but that was before I saw chocolate lab puppies in raincoats! JCrew has come out with CrewMutts - and their tiny models are so cute, they'll make you want to dress you and your dog in matching outfits and parade yourself all around town!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

London Rain

I am in the market for rain boots, or "wellies" as they call them in Jolly Ol' England. I am spending a semester in London and have been told that a good pair of wellies is a necessity for the rainy London weather. My favorites so far are... Burberry's (they would know how to make the best raingear), specifically the pair that is done in the style of a riding boot - so pretty, not your typical yellow rain boot! If preppy styles aren't your thing and you're more of a trendsetter kind of girl - try THIS lime green pair from Hunter Wellington. Or, if you're looking for cute on a budget, Target (always a favorite) has some really fun rain boots in bright colors and cool patterns.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

You stop that!

I can't get over how cool Target is!! That's right.. Target (don't deny it - you could spend hours there too)! I am LOVING this chaise settee, especially the color, especially since they named the color: Peacock! How perfect! I'm also loving their hourglass chair in chocolate, their loft chair in oatmeal, and their pillow top chair in a black and cream damask. I love chic on the cheap!

Antique Tin Tiles

I was browsing around eBay and discovered how much I love the peeling paint and soft patina of antique tin ceiling tiles!

Tin ceiling tiles were originally created in America during the Victorian Era, when people were after more sophisticated home design and needed an affordable alternative to the exquisite plasterwork used in European homes. The newly developed tin tiles were durable, lightweight and fireproof - as well as being an attractive design element. They were also readily available, as they were frequently mass produced in sheets that were cut into smaller, more manageable tiles.

Now these symbols of Victorian America interior design can serve the modern population in creative ways. I love the idea of using a big 24"x24" tile as a message board for the home or office, or how cool is this tin tile lamp (imagine the possibilities with different shades), or get a shabby chic look with a tin tile frame!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bermuda, Bahama Come on Pretty Mama...

I took an unexpected mini vacation today to three fabulous online boutiques:
Each offering tropical inspired fashions, reminding me that it is officially resort-wear season. To anyone who may be jetting off to some exotic island - TAKE ME WITH YOU! I can be ready in a flash!! Well, I'm off to dream of sun, sand, and (my personal favorite) mojitos!

Coral & Shell Ring
Sea Grass Tote

Marlyn Schiff Oval Earrings
Wooden Clamshell Clutch

Monday, April 14, 2008

Eat your vegetables!

William-Sonoma never ceases to impress me! They have a new "Garden Patch Cakelet Pan" that is so cute! The pan creates 20 delicious veggie shaped miniature cakes: carrot, cabbage, radish and pea pod. I love the way they have them displayed on a bed of chocolate cookie crumbs! They also offer a Confectioners Royal Icing Sugar set to help you give your tiny faux-veggie treats their pretty color and yummy frosting. This tiny vegetable garden would be too perfect for a Spring-time brunch or a garden themed shower.

Monday, April 7, 2008

New Fave Product

I'm a self-proclaimed beauty product junkie, so when I saw the new SOFT Steam 1-minute In-Shower Facial by Clean & Clear - I HAD to try it! I LOVE IT! It really does slough off all of the grit and grime of everyday and leaves my skin amazingly soft and smooth - PLUS it smells almost beachy, adding to the whole mini-spa experience. And come on ladies, at $7 it's definitely worth a try!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bella Pilar

I love greeting cards, so when I came across these beauties at Papyrus I knew I had to spread the word. Bella Pilar's line of cards for Papyrus is so flirty and girly - PERFECT for all of my girlfriends' birthdays, bad days or just-because-you're-great-days!