Thursday, July 3, 2008

{day 3}

Day 3 = jet lag FREE! I started my day out as usual with classes. Then took a painfully long shower because my shower head doesn't really have water pressure - unless you think mist counts as pressure. Oh well... when in... London! Then I walked to Tesco (grocery store), which I know I will miss already because of the individual servings of mango and other fruits they have for .88! After my lunch of yogurt, fruit and a square of evil Cadburry chocolate (sure we have Cadburry in the States but it doesn't compare) our group was leaving for our coach tour (they take offense to the word bus, bus driver, etc.) at 2pm. It was so amazing! We saw so many wonderful things! It was difficult for me to take a lot of pictures because #1 I was on a bus & #2 it started to rain really hard about half way through the tour (which lasted 4 hours). I did get pictures of:

London swan with two little "ugly ducklings"

The memorial for the British lost in the 2001 World Trade Center attacks

The original Buckingham Palace entrance arch that has since been replaced by something much larger

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace Gates

Buckingham Palace Guard (which I got a picture with - not this one though, this guy was behind the giant gates)

After our tour a small group of girls and I jumped on the tube to go see Les Miserables!

Before the show we grabbed a quick dinner at Pret a Manger (which I will also miss) it is so yummy! They have ready-made gourmet salads, sandwiches, soups, fresh fruit, cool juices and soft drinks and delicious desserts. Everything is healthy and free of "nasties" (meaning preservatives, trans fat, high calorie content, excess sugar, etc.) - I am in LOVE! They do have Pret a Manger all over NYC - so I am very jealous! We need one in Atlanta ASAP!

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