Tuesday, September 30, 2008

{entertaining essentials}

Pottery Barn's new Caterer's Sets are everything you could ever need for entertaining {especially holiday entertaining... which is right around the corner}! Purchase one set to host a get-together of 12 or two sets for a soiree of 24! Everything is packaged so nicely in ready-to-store containers so you never have to worry about where to keep all of your guest items! Of course, I highly recommend having a "guest closet" in your house, outfitted with everything you need for dinner parties to overnight guests and "emergency" gifts to guest toothbrushes.

{Caterer's Dinnerware Set}

{Caterer's 3-piece Flatware Set}

{Caterer's Linen Set}

{Caterer's Stemware Set}

{Caterer's Charger Set}

{Caterer's Ivory Candle Set}

Monday, September 29, 2008


I can't believe I haven't shared this product with you before!? The Diva Dryer is probably my #1 favorite bathroom item - I have two {1 pink, 1 white} one travels with me and one stays home. My daily bathroom routine consists of shower, make-up, hair - i.e. I always do my make-up before drying my hair and this little diva is amazing at keeping my wet hair out of the way without the balancing act of the infamous towel turban we girls can whip up on our heads after a shower. I also love the Diva Dryer as a gift! I have given one to my sisters and friends as birthday and Christmas gifts. If you're like me and love a towel turban I definitely recommend buying a Diva Dryer today! I got mine at a local boutique but they are available on Amazon.com - gotta love Amazon.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

{fabulous calling cards}

Fabulous Stationary has some of the cutest paper products. I am really loving their calling cards, what a cute way to give out your info. Everyone should have a set of calling cards with their name, phone number and e-mail address. How easy would that make LIFE!? Having all of your info ready to go when you make a new social connection!

Monday, September 8, 2008

{FHF = so very FRESH!}

Reminiscent of a quiet country farmer's market, Farmhouse Fresh is a quaint little beauty company based out of Frisco, TX that creates homegrown good-for-you body products. I am completely in love with their Sweet Cream body lotion {and the fact that it comes in an adorable + pourable glass bottle doesn't hurt!}... The lotion leaves you smelling sweet and delicious while not being overpowering or making you crave birthday cake or buttercream frosting... Their other products include Strawberry Sweet Cream Smash {which is once again adorably packaged in an old-fashion jelly jar nestled in a miniature burlap bag}, the Honey Heel Glaze {which comes in a honeycomb quilted glass jar with an application brush} or your choice of 3 different Fine Foot Scrubs {each one packaged in a simple plastic jar and paired with a wooden spoon}. All of FHF's products are ready for gift-giving and would make very thoughtful, yet simple gifts for any occasion!

Friday, September 5, 2008

{happy birthday}

Today is my birthday! To everyone else who shares this special day, Happy Birthday to YOU! I hope you get everything you wish for and more!