Monday, May 4, 2009

Southern Souvenirs: Day 4 - Sweet Tea

1. perfect glass of sweet tea - 2. the devil - 3. iced tea spoon - 4. Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka
Some will argue that you can't make sweet tea sweet enough, and as un-southernly as it may be, I prefer to add my own sugar to my tea! There. I said it. Sweet tea is a staple beverage in the South. My grandmother always has a fresh pitcher in the fridge made from Luzianne tea bags and sweetened just perfectly. We love sweet tea so much in the South, someone went ahead and turned it into a delicious elixir you pour with water and tastes just like the real thing only with a little tingle left in your mouth. I am a lover of all teas, green, black, hot, cold, fruity... the list goes on! The best place I know to get a fresh glass of sweet tea is my grandmother's, but if I can't get that - I love the tea at Chick-Fil-A in Atlanta. For those of you who are inexperienced in the tea department, I suggest the following:

- Go to the grocery and find a box of Luzianne (specially blended for iced tea - of course)
for the love of all things Southern - DO NOT use Crystal light instant tea mix - or anything instant for that matter!
- Brew the tea and pour into a pretty pitcher
- Add just enough sugar so there is a hint of sweetness to it
- Fill a tall glass or mason jar with ice and pour in the tea
- Add additional sugar and stir with a long iced tea spoon
- Sip and enjoy!

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The Bean said...

I just discovered Firefly at a Kentucky Derby-esque horse race at my alma mater in Virginia, and I am in love! It was so good, so refreshing, and thus, so dangerous. It's hard to find up here in the north, but luckily the only place in NJ that sells it is in my town. It is my new summer staple drink.