Saturday, May 30, 2009

California: Day 2 - San Diego Old Town Market

This morning, we caught up on some sleep (to counteract the jet lag) and grabbed some lunch at the famous In-n-Out Burger! It was sooo yummy - comparable to Atlanta's Five Guys Burgers and Fries.

After lunch, we headed to the San Diego Old Town Market. It was awesome - it felt like you were walking through an authentic Mexican bazaar, only really clean! I found some fun gifts for friends and amazing Mexican tin folk art.

We also ran across a very cool surf shop with the owner's personal collection of vintage skateboards hanging from the ceiling. There were probably at least 2000 boards all over the store - it was incredible! I wish we could have stayed longer at Old Town, but we had to get back to go to our ultra-fancy family dinner at Vivace.

The food was unbelievable and EVERYONE got their own dessert, which were quickly passed around the table so we could all have a "taste". Tomorrow we are getting up early to go to the San Diego Zoo!!

Bonus Goose! (painting in the hotel lobby)

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