Sunday, May 4, 2008

{new little monkey}

I am so busy lately! I am one of three brave women planning a co-ed baby shower for 60 people! It's so much WORK {and I'm loving every minute of it}! I've titled the shower, New Little Monkey, because there is a cute back story of the couple that is expecting involving a tiny stuffed animal, a monkey, named Monkey.

My Aunt and Uncle are expecting their first child, a baby girl! {I am one of 3 girls so this is very exciting!} Since the party is almost here - 2 weeks {YAY!}I wanted to start posting some of the progress.
Cute baby safari napkins from Caspari & pretty vanilla buttercream cupcakes

Diaper cake inspiration {we have a Guess "How the Number of Diapers in the Cake" Game} and WS Monkey Bread as a prize

Potato chip bar featuring a Louisiana favorite - Zapp's Potato Chips

Grown up party favors - handcrafted shea butter soap in a delicious almond biscotti scent made by a friend and tied with green and yellow "wraffia"

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