Saturday, April 19, 2008

Antique Tin Tiles

I was browsing around eBay and discovered how much I love the peeling paint and soft patina of antique tin ceiling tiles!

Tin ceiling tiles were originally created in America during the Victorian Era, when people were after more sophisticated home design and needed an affordable alternative to the exquisite plasterwork used in European homes. The newly developed tin tiles were durable, lightweight and fireproof - as well as being an attractive design element. They were also readily available, as they were frequently mass produced in sheets that were cut into smaller, more manageable tiles.

Now these symbols of Victorian America interior design can serve the modern population in creative ways. I love the idea of using a big 24"x24" tile as a message board for the home or office, or how cool is this tin tile lamp (imagine the possibilities with different shades), or get a shabby chic look with a tin tile frame!

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