Saturday, April 26, 2008

InspiREd by RE

I stumbled across a REally cool online store RE, unfortunately the stoREfront is located in Europe. :( Why do I feel like everything that is REally unique is not in the US?? It must be a sign to travel! My favorite thing on the site is their FiRE Side Gift Box that includes a toasting fork, a galvanized metal tin filled with long matches and marshmallows all packaged in a simple brown box and ribbon medallion! Such a perfect gift for just about anyone (especially for Father's Day, Christmas or even a really unique hostess gift) and if you're anything like me - you plan gifts WAY in advance! I also really like their Giant French Cups, in the most perfect colors and their FiREside Kindling Box, that invokes the gentle crackle of a wood burning fire. I always do this: I miss winter when it's summer and ummer when it's winter!

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