Tuesday, September 30, 2008

{entertaining essentials}

Pottery Barn's new Caterer's Sets are everything you could ever need for entertaining {especially holiday entertaining... which is right around the corner}! Purchase one set to host a get-together of 12 or two sets for a soiree of 24! Everything is packaged so nicely in ready-to-store containers so you never have to worry about where to keep all of your guest items! Of course, I highly recommend having a "guest closet" in your house, outfitted with everything you need for dinner parties to overnight guests and "emergency" gifts to guest toothbrushes.

{Caterer's Dinnerware Set}

{Caterer's 3-piece Flatware Set}

{Caterer's Linen Set}

{Caterer's Stemware Set}

{Caterer's Charger Set}

{Caterer's Ivory Candle Set}


Gracie said...

Do you happen to know where I can get just the storage boxes? Especially for plates? Or do you have any other suggestions for storing "catering" items?

Thanks so much!

Southern Flair said...

I do actually! The Container Store is an AMAZING resource for anything organizational.


I'm sure one of these dinnerware storage boxes would work for you! Thanks for reading!