Monday, September 29, 2008


I can't believe I haven't shared this product with you before!? The Diva Dryer is probably my #1 favorite bathroom item - I have two {1 pink, 1 white} one travels with me and one stays home. My daily bathroom routine consists of shower, make-up, hair - i.e. I always do my make-up before drying my hair and this little diva is amazing at keeping my wet hair out of the way without the balancing act of the infamous towel turban we girls can whip up on our heads after a shower. I also love the Diva Dryer as a gift! I have given one to my sisters and friends as birthday and Christmas gifts. If you're like me and love a towel turban I definitely recommend buying a Diva Dryer today! I got mine at a local boutique but they are available on - gotta love Amazon.

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