Tuesday, December 16, 2008

{barbeque pork + coleslaw on a biscuit}

Today I had lunch at Star Provisions in Atlanta - three words: a-maz-ing!! I had their reknowned Barbeque Pulled Pork Sandwich on a Cathead Biscuit {dressed with coleslaw and pickle - I opted for no pickle} and it was hands down the BEST barbeque sandwich I have ever eaten! It was only slightly embarassing that I woofed mine down and was finished eating 20 minutes before everyone else... What can I say? It was THAT good!! I got an old-fashion sugar cane gingerale to go with my meal, it was so refreshing and pretty in a green recycled-glass bottle.

In addition to beyond-yummy food, Star Provisions also has a really cool, eclectic, eco-friendly-meets-general-store shop that I wish I had known about before I finished my Christmas shopping {that's right, I'm done!! YAY!!} because I could have found something for every single person on my list... Great tabletop and home accessories, pretty+unique Christmas ornaments, retro-inspired candy and other treats - the list goes on! Star Provisions is officially a new Atlanta favorite!

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Carol Z said...

mmm, yum! I love star provisions. Now I feel like I need to make a trip down there. Welcome home for Christmas!