Friday, March 20, 2009

{Feelin' Lucky: Day 20 - monkeybeetle}

Monkey Beetle - Sherry Knight
Etsy shop:

American Flag Embroidered Cloth Napkin - Set of 4

Sherry Knight had always had a passion for crafts. She's always loved embroidery. As a little kid she started with hand embroidery and now has progressed into machine embroidery. She loves to do embroidery on napkins; it’s a great way to personalize your tablescape for any occasion or everyday. She also love to crochet, loom knit, and make candles. She is new to Etsy as she only discovered it about three months ago, but loves the appreciation for handmade. Her shop “Monkeybeetle” is for the love of my two kids.

Favorite Materials
cloth, thread

To win these pretty & patriotic napkins, leave a comment answering the following:
What do the colors red, white and blue, mean to you?
To me, they represent the freedom and liberties we have a Americans and what a privledge it is to be an American
winner will be announced March 27th


Kindy Lynn said...

The colors Red, White, and Blue to me mean that it is my youngest sons birthday! He is a 4th of july baby! It also stands for all the soldiers out there keeping it Red, White, and Blue.

Maura said...

To me Red, White & Blue remind me of the bravery of my husband, a Captain in the Army. He and his fellow soldiers make me so proud, especially when I think of red, white & blue.

felicia said...


felicia said...
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Aik said...

To me, red represents courage, white represents purity and blue represents unity and freedom.

Diana said...


Allen said...

U. S. of A. The greatest coutry in the world!

Baily said...

the colors red , white , and blue mean to me the USA and the 4th of July!!!!!!!!!!!!

JeansandTs said...

I am one of the very rare FEMALE disabled American Veterans. I served to protect all of our freedoms and liberties under the red, white and blue of the American Flag. It was a privaledge to be an american soldier. It is an honor to be a disabled veteran.

coriwestphal said...

Red, White, and Blue mean freedom, patriotism, togetherness, pride. So many things. It's amazing to me how just a few colors can create such pride and love of something that doesn't really exist. Red, White, and Blue are not colors - Red, White, and Blue is a thing, courage.

Alan D said...

Red white & blue means to me freedom and opportunity. Thank you.