Wednesday, March 4, 2009

{Feelin' Lucky: Day 4 - pinkbathtub}

Pink Bath Tub Designs - Noelle Griskey
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These special recipe cards are individually hand printed and are perfect for your treasured family canning recipes, to give as a hostess gift or for a housewarming. They feature original art all inspired by a simple Ball Mason jar.

Noelle's work comes from an appreciation for the little things in life. She is constantly inspired by the world around her. Her intention is to transform the ordinary into something aesthetic and distinct. Her paper goods are individually hand printed, using her unique hand carved blocks made from her original designs.

Favorite Materials
paper, ink, stamps

To win these pretty recipe cards, leave a comment answering the following:
What is your "secret" family recipe (or just your fave)?
(of course, you don't have to give the recipe - just what the yummy food/dessert is)
Mine is a special pork rub my dad invented to season his DELICIOUS pork tenderloin!
winner will be announced March 11th


Faith said...

I grew up with my dad as the stay-at-home parent, and my favorite "secret" family recipe involves Butter Beans and combining most of the condiments in the fridge - in particular a barbecue sauce made by a local company called Sauer's. It sounds disgusting, but it's actually amazing!

It's a total guy kind of meal and I have the best memories of making it with my dad. :)

felicia said...

Cowgirl cookies!! Yummmmmm!!

Becca said...

Lemon Squares - from my Nana who was a great cook and was born in 1906.

angela said...

my mom makes the best cornbread...moist and delicious!!

Kotori said...

My grandmother's apple pie... which I just learned to make much to my husband's delight.

YZgirl4 said...

Our secret family recipe is our tamales that we make during the holidays. The recipe has been passed down for generations and every second weekend in December all us women get together and make tamales ALL day long. I look forward to it every year and wow, yummy!


Anonymous said...

My secret recipe is my triple cheese spinach dip!! YUMMY!!

Allen said...

Mine is a modified oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe my daughter made up called "Cowgirl Cookies"... yum!!

Heather said...

Homemade carmel...oh doesn't that sound so good right now!


Anonymous said...

good ole' -chicken noodle soup,
mom's homade recipe rocks!
ashlomb at yahoo dot com

Peaches said...

Tuna Noodle Casserole made with olives and cream cheese. Comfort food at its best!

Kizzie said...

maybe not secret, but things I make DANG good.

Oriental chicken salad
Dessert Braids.


gmistudio said...

my family have a special green apple cake, its so yummy !!

Anonymous said...

Our "secret" recipe is not a secret any more....we always thought it was our grandmom's recipe for sweet pickles, but it turned out the recipe came from her daughter (our aunt). They've been a family fav for many years, and we have the recipe now!!
Jacque in SC

Ashley said...

Mine is my mom's lasagna. Sooooo many memories and Christmas Days tied to that one:)

Katherine said...

My family's secret recipe is a recipe for frosting that my mom makes. A friend of her's gave it to her on the sole promise that she would never give it away to anyone else... and she hasn't! I have NEVER met a person that doesn't like it - even after they say they are not a "frosting" person - they still love it!

kkondek at

Tricia said...

My secret recipe is my brownies. It's not written down anywhere.