Tuesday, October 21, 2008


{early 90s version}

{late 90s version - notice the subtle updates? cookie cutter lids, improved face detail... such vast improvements!}

Does anyone else remember these?! I was crazy for these plastic Happy Meal buckets when I was little {yes.. I was little in the 90s, I'm that young}!! I LOVED them! My sisters and I would collect them {I'm sure it drove my mom NUTS} and we were just the kind of precocious little girls that marched right up to the counter and requested a different bucket "if we already had that one"... There was a purple one I can't find a picture of that I was my favorite.

I must admit... If McDonald's still served their Happy Meal in a Halloween bucket today I might have to go get a cheeseburger Happy Meal!

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Anonymous said...

...and remember they had names like McPunkin', McBoo, and McGoblin... Not sure what the witch was called. :-) sj