Saturday, October 11, 2008

{well behaved women rarely make history}

Well behaved women rarely make history! Ain't that the truth!! I have been in love with Junk Gypsy ever since I first discovered them several years ago... I'm not sure why I haven't shown the love sooner! I wish I could fully embrace my inner Junk Gypsy because I know she's in there just kickin' and screamin' to be let out! Until then I'll throw in bits and pieces of my gypsy side in little doses here and there when the feeling is right... Now check out my favorite junk and if any of you girls want to be a legend, just go ahead and BE ONE!

{wild child belt buckle}

{recycled coffee bag}

{liberty saloon sign}

{calamity jane tshirt}

{vagabond pillow}

{vagabond tshirt}

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