Thursday, July 10, 2008

{day 10}

Today was a pretty low key day since we were all getting ready to leave for our weekend trip to Stratford the next day. I went with a friend to the Sherlock Holmes Museum, which was really cool because it is set up like his "house" and you go through each room and there are candles burning and fires in the fireplace and it looks like someone really is living there. The top floor of the "house" is almost creepy because there are wax figure scenes from different plot lines of the Sherlock Holmes stories. After the museum I had to do laundry because we have been here for almost two weeks! I'll be gone for the weekend but I'll catch up when we get back!

Holmes' Desk

Holmes' famous accessories

A bust of Mr. Holmes

A fake glass of brandy and a fake "lit" cigarette I thought were hilarious because they looked so real! I was very close to buying them both just to sit them out and trick people!

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Allen said...

I love your photography. You have such a great eye!