Tuesday, July 22, 2008

{day 18 - Rome}

Today was our second day in Rome and we planned to go to Vatican City. It was so beautiful! We toured St. Peter’s Basilica which is absolutely breath taking! It is the largest and most highly decorated Catholic Church in the world. It’s unbelievable that mass takes place each Sunday!

We also saw the Sistine Chapel! Talk about intricate! You aren’t allowed to take photographs inside, like most holy places, but I will remember it forever! It was so beautiful! The most famous piece of the large ceiling, with Adam and God’s hands touching, is actually a lot smaller than I imagined from having seen pictures but it was still incredible to be looking at something that was created by Michelangelo. It was a truly moving day in Vatican City.

After we left the Vatican we stopped at a gelateria and had the most delicious gelati! So it was time for dinner so we ate an early, and leisurely, dinner in true Italian style at one of the many sidewalk bistros before catching our train to Florence. What a perfect Roman holiday!


Allen said...

Mmmm.... gelati.

Valerie said...

your blog is wonderful! it's torture for a pregnant woman to see those gelati pics, btw. I'm SO glad you are making the absolute most of your trip. XO Val