Friday, July 4, 2008

{day 4}

Today we went on a tour of the Tower of London! It was so incredible! It is the oldest building I have ever been in. They call the whole thing the Tower of London when actually only one small tower inside of it is the real Tower of London. The Tower of London is were the Crown Jewels are held so I got to see all of the beautiful jewels, crowns, swords, ceremonial dress worn by Queen Elizabeth at her coronation ceremony and other solid gold and jeweled ceremonial pieces owned by the royal family.

Outside the Tower of London

Another view outside the Tower of London

Another view outside the Tower of London

Canons inside the Tower of London

The watergate entrance for the Tower of London which is no longer in use

The Tower of London ravens - legend states that if the ravens flee the Monarchy and the entire kingdom will fall

The offical Tower of London

Tower Bridge - what everyone thinks in London Bridge but I was told by our guide it is in fact Tower Bridge

After our tower we all went back to Nottinghill and grabbed dinner before heading out to celebrate the 4th at Waxy O'Connor's Pub because they were having an Independence Day party! You have no idea how many Brits asked me what Independence Day was for!? I hope they were kidding... Waxy's was really fun and the drinks weren't terribly expensive so it made for a fun 4th of July!

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