Sunday, July 6, 2008

{day 6}

A FREE DAY!!! I woke up late today and decided to go to Covent Garden Market! It was really fun... tons of boutiques... lots of local artists... yummy food carts! I found two really wonderful London souvenirs at the Apple Market (a little confusing until you see it - the Apple Market is inside Covent Garden Market and it's just what the individual booth vendors are called).

This is a picture of the London street scene watercolor I purchased, I was able to take a picture of it because it didn't come wrapped in plastic like the other watercolor, which is of four baby ballerinas (I plan on giving that one as a gift) - I am trying to find really unique things to bring back as gifts and not just your generic tacky tourist garb. Besides the wonderful artists booths I finally went to several London stores I have read about!
Hope and Greenwood Purveyors of Splendid Confectionery really is as charming as it looks! They have an entire wall of penny candy, an incredible truffle and bonbon selection and tons of other trinkets and goodies you could spend all day there!

While I was feeling nostalgic I stumbled into the most adorable toyshop. It isn't at all what you think of when you think of a modern toy store, Pollock's Toyshop is mainly known as a toy theatre producer but they have so many other perfect little gifts and cards. I found the funniest cards that are essentially a kit for making ballon animals: a poodle and a weiner dog. Very fanicful and fun! You could easily do all of your small Christmas shopping there.

I also when to Lush which is completely handmade organic body care, from cut and weigh soap to bath bombs, they have something for everyone. I got a Tisty Toast Turkish rosebud infused bath bomb as a gift that is so cool - you drop it in the tub and when the bar fizzes away it leaves tiny rosebuds floating in the bath - they call it a bath time love spell!

I can't wait to explore more London markets!


Allen said...

The market looks so cool - love the architecture! Can't wait 'til Day 7!

Anonymous said...

I am loving reading your daily posts about your wonderful time in London! Makes me wish I were there too!