Saturday, July 5, 2008

{day 5}

This morning was pretty rough due to our 10:30am museum tour at the Victoria & Albert Museum. I really hate getting up before noon on a Saturday especially for a museum tour but it was really a wonderful museum! There is almost too much to look at - I will definitely go back before the end of my trip. They have a huge fashion exhibition going on right now - which is totally amazing. Being a fashion major I really appreciate how fashion has transformed into what we have today. We weren't allowed to take any pictures because the flashes could damage the materials so I don't really have any photos to share. After we finished the museum tour and had some lunch in the museum cafe (which is REALLY yummy), I decided to venture off around Nottinghill and stumbled across a few cool finds. Of course I went into one of the millions of tacky tourist souvenirs (which sometimes can have the occasional quirky-in-a-good-way gift to bring back home) and bought my baby brother a bright red toy London bus - very cute and he will LOVE it!

I also went to a tiny little boutique and found gifts for my two younger sisters who are in high school but still love silly girly things. I bought them the most adorable coloring books by Rosie Flo! They are fanciful little paperback coloring books with sweet little line drawings of paperdoll style dresses, playthings, etc! So fun!

{White Horn Box} - {Nguni Hide Coaster} - {Set of 4 Seagrass Cushions}

I am also offically in love with LOM BOK and they do have a website - but no stores in the US. Check them out and you'll love it! The best part is: everything is such a great price for how cute and stylish it is!

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