Thursday, July 3, 2008

{day 2}

Today was my first (nearly) jetlag free day! I had two classes in the morning and then ate lunch with some friends at a little Lebanese restaurant - delicious chicken shwarma sandwich and hummus!

Then we went shopping on Oxford Street where I finally went to TOP SHOP! So amazing! I got this really cute pair of turquoise sandals. For those of you who don't know - Top Shop is basically like a UK H&M but 1000x better! They actually have an online store that will ship to the US but it's really expensive.

After shopping we had to meet back at the dorm because we all had tickets to see Major Barbra at the National Theatre. It was a pretty good show as far as plays go. I much prefer musical theater. It was almost 11pm when we got back to our side of town but we hadn't eaten dinner yet and everyone was STARVED!

So we went to Pizza Express, which what I thought was going to be a lot like a cheap-o mall-like pizza place where you pay by the slice and there is tacky green lamp lighting everywhere, but it was such a quaint little Italian bistro. The pizza was thin and delicious - I got "The American" (ha!) which was just a plain pepperoni pizza. After dinner we went to bed because it was already midnight when we got back to the dorm. Until tomorrow...

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felicia said...

Those sandals are so cute!!! Happy 4th of July!!!