Tuesday, July 15, 2008

{day 15}

Today I finally walked the length of Portobello Road Market! It was just like everyone said, very market-y, meaning a lot of junk, a lot of fresh produce and a lot of really awesome antique home furnishings and accessories. I came out with two very cute Union Jack burlap tote bags, I think I'm going to have to go back for another one because my original plan was to keep one and give the other to one of my sisters, but I'm afraid they are too cool and they'll fight over it so I'm going to get a third! They're only £2! I also went with a friend to check out the Piccadilly Circus Antique Market which is only on Tuesdays! Were you excited? Did you think it would be really awesome since it's only on Tuesdays and the name is so grand and wonderful? Prepare to be disappointed. The market is somewhat the equivalent in grandeur to a church rummage sale. There are about 20 booths set up in a little grid like pattern and there is faux jade jewelry, leather good, sterling silver goods and some antique china pieces. Not worth the train ride over there, but you can't win them all!

I actually had great luck at the tiny souvenir shop next door where I found the world's most perfect Union Jack charm for my charm bracelet!
After all of our shopping we stopped at Crussh on the way home to grab a smoothie - their smoothies are delicious and fresh, and you can make your own from just about any fruit/veggie you can think of! Disappointing markets aside, it was a good day in Jolly 'ol London!

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