Wednesday, July 9, 2008

{day 7}

Today was a day full of culture and great works of art! After classes, I went with a small group, to the Tate Modern, which houses beautiful (and some not so beautiful) works of art by artists such as Claude Monet, Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol and many other wonderful artists. Our visit to the Tate fit in perfectly with our schedule because we had a tour of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre at 4:30pm right next door!

The tour of The Globe was really short because there is not much to see. The Globe, which is the third Globe to be built in London, was built so as to keep with the original theatre as much as possible. It is really neat to be there and imagine how it might have been in the days of Shakespearean England! After the tour we had about and hour and a half for dinner before we were seeing A Midsummer Night's Dream!

I walked with a few friends down the street to grab some dinner at a really yummy Greek restaurant called, The Real Greek. It is so delicious!! Their hummus and Greek flatbread is AMAZING and they serve lots ice with their drinks! I was so excited about the ice because I love a nice ICE cold beverage - the waitress probably thought I was insane because I took a picture of my first ice filled glass in London. ha!

After dinner we walked back to The Globe to see Midsummer. It was so funny! I loved the costumes and the way they barely had any props at all but you still got the feel of everything! It was really cool to be in an open air theatre, minus the rains that fell the entire show. The "groundlings" were pretty wet by the end (we were in the "Gentlemen's Box" - which is off to the side and is where nobility would sit during performances) but you could tell everyone was still having an amazing time and really enjoying the show. I would love to go see Romeo & Juilet while I am here because I've heard it is also unforgettable. Until tomorrow...

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